Athletic Training

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) are an integral part of a team’s sports medicine program. An ATC has a purpose to have the athlete’s physically prepared for his or her sport. ATC’s go by 5 key domains that play an important role in keeping an athlete safe and healthy while participating in physical activity.

· Injury Prevention
· Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis
· Immediate and Emergency Care
· Treatment and Rehabilitation
· Organization and Professional Health and Well-Being

Participation in high school and college sports has increasingly risen consistently over the years. It is reported that over 7.9 million high school students and almost 500,000 college students participated in sports in the 2017-2018 academic year. With this rise in sport participation the physical demands on these young bodies has also surged. Athletes are pushed to be bigger, faster, and stronger and the risk for injuries has expanded.

High school and middle school sports teams are often faced with the challenge of providing an effective sports training program due to budget constraints. B4 Club Therapy offers athletic training services on a consultation level. We can provide athletic training services during sports training and conditioning. We can assess your team and provide training and diet recommendations. We can work with athletes on an individual and team basis. This is a win/win situation for the coaches, teams, and athletes because we will not be a salaried employee with the added costs of benefits. We provide services on a sub-contractor level based upon your needs and budget[NP2] .


College sports team athletes participate in a more competitive arena than high school teams. The pressure to outperform on the field or court becomes a daily challenge for individual athletes. College teams are in a better position to incorporate a sports medicine team however, due to the demands by the team they can find their athletes lack the one-on-one attention some may need. B4 Club Therapy’s Sports Medicine services can fill in the gaps within the program. We can serve as extra ‘eyes and ears’ to better serve the athletes. In addition, we can provide one-on-one services with team members at your training center or in our facility.

Athletic individuals often set their own goals to reach their desired physical performance. Whether you are part of a team, or an individual that does not participate in a sport or activity but wish to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injuries. B4 Club Therapy assists in developing a plan for individual athletes in providing an injury prevention and muscle recovery program to help them achieve their optimum performance in their sport or activity.

B4 Club Therapy’s founder, Superman Berrow, possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science and a Masters in Athletic Training. With over 10 years of experience as an ATC working with high school, college, and professional teams. He has helped, and continues to help, many athletes increase their performance in their sport and reduce the risk of injuries that can have life altering affects. Contact us today for a free assessment and consultation.