Functional mobility+innovative stretch+muscle recovery therapy= optimal human performance.


B4 Club Therapy has a unique service of providing functional mobility to clients by using sports medicine knowledge with innovative stretch and muscle recovery therapy to optimize human performance. By using muscle recovery and functional therapy system for athletes and the general population who struggle in their bodies due to chronic pain or injury. We combine our Sports Medicine knowledge that consist of Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST) and the NormaTec Recovery System with our experience in athletic training for optimum results. Our system utilizes innovative and proven techniques that will increase mobility, provide more flexibility, improve posture, and provide effective pain management.

Our muscle recovery and sports medicine program has proven to be effective for athletes, weekend warriors, and the non-athletic types who just want to feel better in their own bodies. Our bodies are designed to be in motion. Some take their bodies to the extreme in motion, and others don’t get enough motion in their day. Either scenario can have adverse effects on our muscles, joints, and circulation. These areas begin to break down or struggle due to injury or inactivity. Our muscle recovery system provides a solution to increase blood flow and movement to assist injury recovery, or chronic aches and pains.

B4 Club Therapy is versatile enough to help everyone recover quicker and feel better when they go to perform everyday life. You don’t need to wait to feel better in your body, contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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What Our Clients Say

“I highly recommend everyone to give this a try! I was having issues with my pinched nerve in my back/shoulder area. After the first session with Superman, it was like the issue never existed. I had full mobility again along with more stretching ability. After each session, I am feeling back to new again.”

“I had hip pain for about one year and plantar fasciitis for many years… One visit with Superman and both are gone! My posture was so much improved; I had to adjust the rear view mirror in my car! I highly recommend Superman!”

“This is absolutely some of the best and most unique care you can get for yourself. I suffered a torn Achilles on a Saturday evening, and Superman met me at his facility that same night and got me started on the path to recovery … His methods and expertise are second to none.”